Budget planning

It’s important to keep track of your monthly income and outgoings, and sometimes you need a handy tool to help do this.

If you want advice on your mortgage or insurance options, it’s always best to talk to a professional.  We’ve put together a list of Independent Mortgage Advisors (IMAs) who are recommended by our customers. Click here for details.

Read on for our top tips for finding that little extra money each month for your savings account

Buy a £3 coffee each morning for your train journey in to work?

That’s £15 a week. Or £60 a month. Which could be £720 a year you could save, just by purchasing a thermos & making your hot drink before leaving for the station.

Got the top Sky package for your TV?

That’s around £85 a month, assuming you’ve not upgraded to Sky Q. By switching to Freeview for 12 months, you could save a whopping £1,020!

A fan of a weekly takeaway?

Let’s be honest, who isn’t?! But if you spend £20 every Friday on a pizza or curry, that’s £80 a month or a scary £960 a year. Just by cutting that down to a takeaway once a fortnight, you could be looking at a £500 saving.

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