Rental options

Looking for a home to rent? Radian Homes offers three ways to rent with us, depending on your circumstances. Take a look at our guides below to find the best option to suit you or your family.

For more information on the homes available, visit the Homes to Rent section of this website.

Privately renting

Also referred to as ‘Market Rent’, renting with Radian Homes in this way simply means you are renting a home from us in the same way that you would with a private landlord or lettings agent.

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Intermediate Rent

Radian offers Intermediate Rent or Discounted Rent. Homes available are typically re-let properties, with monthly rental costs charged at 20% less than an equivalent privately rented property.

By benefiting from a discounted rent, you are expected to save towards buying a home in the future.

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NEW Rent to Buy

Rent to Buy is a new scheme available to renters, with monthly rent costs approximately 20% less than privately renting. This gives you the flexibility of renting privately whilst saving towards your deposit.

The home you are renting may then be available to purchase at some point in the future.

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