Bring autumn inside your home

20 Oct 2020

As we say goodbye to summer, having a warm and cosy home as the cooler months draw in becomes increasingly important. Here’s a few ideas to get you started!

A fresh coat of paint
Why not have a big shake up of your home décor? Start by introducing warm, neutral colours onto the walls. This makes a lovely change from white, and immediately can make a room feel more welcoming. Colours with warm undertones can be a great, subtle change to the room.

It’s a great idea to complement your new walls with warm-toned cushions, throws and footstools, to help the room come together.

Feature walls
Looking for something a bit bolder? Why not choose one wall to feature a big pop of colour – from red to orange, you can create a room bursting with personality. Again, complement this with accents around the room, such as new cushion covers.

Use your feature wall to create a new space in your home – perhaps a reading corner or dining area. If you have a fireplace or recess – use these features too, and create some really interesting focal points!

Tip: If you’re working with a smaller room, paint around the window. This will still let light flood into the room, and bounce off the lighter walls, stopping the room from feeling any smaller.

From windows to lamps, there’s lots of ways you can make a room feel warmer with a few alterations to lighting. Change your blinds to some cosy-looking curtains, add in some candles and lamps here and there, and you’ll find the room feeling warmer in no time. You could even change your light switches to dimmer switches.

Tip: Light the room at different levels to maximise the cosy! Include floor lamps and ceiling lights, for example.

Adding texture
There’s no secret that wooden floors can feel cold and unwelcoming in the winter, especially if you’re living in an older house. Add warmth and texture with a soft rug, and the floor will look and feel cosier! Accompany this with some velvet, chunky knit or faux-fur cushions and throws and your living room will feel completely different.

This is a great approach if you’re unable to paint the walls in your home – choosing a velvet sofa can make even the coldest room feel cosy!