“It still gives me a little thrill to remember what I’ve achieved”

08 Aug 2016

Cristina recently moved into her brand new home in Southampton thanks to Shared Ownership. Before this, Cristina was renting in London, when her tenancy came to an end she decided to move home to Southampton and consider her options.

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That’s when she came across the Shared Ownership, “I actually came across the scheme by accident on Google. I knew of friends who had purchased their homes with the scheme so I thought I’d find out what comparatively you could get for the money in Southampton. It turned out a lot more”, Cristina explained.

Shared Ownership allows purchasers to buy a share in a home, and then pay a low cost rent on the remaining un-purchased share. This means that mortgages and deposits will be based on the purchased share value meaning buying a home couldn’t be more affordable.

After discovering the scheme, Cristina decided to bite the bullet and went ahead with purchasing her very own home, “reserving the plot was so easy and Radian was great at answering my many questions”, Cristina said.

“I just feel so proud that I’ve managed to do it entirely on my own, with no financial help from my family or partner. Every time I stop and think about it I have to pinch myself slightly. It still gives me a little thrill to remember what I have achieved”.

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Cristina purchased a one bedroom apartment at the top of the development at Park Reach in Southampton.

 “The views are great and it gets the sun in the afternoons and early evenings when the flat is absolutely flooded with light. It’s my favourite time to be home”, Cristina smiled.

The completion was a bit of a whirlwind for Cristina, “it all happened so fast. It just felt incredible and slightly surreal that I had actually brought a place for the first time”, Cristina’s first night was spent doing multiple car journeys with her mum, stepdad and boyfriend, “then the four of us went to eat out at the noodle bar just opposite my flat as a little celebration and reward for our hard work!”

Cristina was able to buy her new £120,000 home for a 70% share price of £84,000 which meant getting onto the property ladder couldn’t be easier.

Cristina’s friends and family love her new home, “everyone who comes over is so complimentary, everyone is really impressed with it and thinks the scheme is great too”.

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“I would absolutely recommend the Shared Ownership scheme to others. It’s so stress free!” Cristina added, “If you think you can’t qualify, just go for it and give it a try. You never know what you might be able to afford”.

Congratulations to Cristina, who’s found a place to call home thanks to Shared Ownership. It could be that easy for you too! If you’re house hunting, visit Radian Homes to find out what we have available.