Father’s Day ideas

05 Jun 2020

Coming up with ideas for Father’s Day is always a challenge, but especially when social distancing restrictions are in place. Father’s Day falls on Sunday 21 June this year, and we’ve put together a few ideas that you could try at home!

Have a BBQ
If you live with your Dad, this one you can do from your garden! Get all of Dad’s favourite things from the shops, and really treat him with a BBQ feast. You could also decorate your garden with balloons, banners and more – why not spend a day with the kids designing some homemade bunting? Oh, and don’t forget about the birthday cake!

Order a hamper
If you want something a little out of the ordinary, lots of local and independent vendors are offering hampers to suit everyone’s tastes. From monthly cheese subscriptions to cream tea or a full-English breakfast, there’s no limit to what you could get delivered direct to your door.

Make a photo album
Father’s Day is all about saying “thank you, Dad”, and what better way than with a personalised photo album? You could get crafty and create one yourself, or order a photobook from websites like Snapfish. Add in some captions, quotes and thoughts to add an extra sentimental touch.

Want something more unique? Why not ask your wider friends and family to get involved, and send their own personalised messages about what makes your Dad so great, and put them together to make a lovely video.

Host a games night
Everyone is getting sick of quizzes, but you could still host a game night by breaking out some old family favourites. If you live with your Dad, classic board games such as Monopoly, Risk and Scrabble can include all the family, and make a nice change from the quiz scene! If you like to keep it techy, why not try game apps such as Quiplash.

Remember that it’s important to stay safe this Father’s Day, and practise social distancing in line with the Government’s guidelines. If you don’t live with your Dad, why not write him a letter, post a gift, or organise a video call with him instead?