Keeping your family safe this Bonfire Night

04 Nov 2019

Although many of us love a spectacular fireworks display, it’s important to remember to stay safe – especially for members of our family who don’t enjoy the festivities as much. If you are looking for a local display, take a look at the Visit Hampshire website. Otherwise, keep reading for our top tips to stay safe this 5th November.

Try to keep your pets indoors with the windows, doors and curtains shut during a fireworks display. This will stop them from running away or getting frightened by the flashes. RSPCA have also provided a therapy pack for pets to help animals become less scared. Find out more >

Your outdoor pets would also like to stay inside the house! But this will need to be done gradually, so if you have a garage or shed, this will work too. Otherwise, try putting a blanket over their enclosure to block out the lights and sounds.

Creating a quiet space for your pets, whether they’re indoors or outdoors, will help them to feel safe if they get scared.

Want to join the RSPCA campaign to change firework regulations? >

Sensory issues
For autistic people, fireworks can also be stressful. There are plenty of things that you can do to help your family prepare, and make the day less disturbing to autistic family members.

Buying a set of ear defenders can help to block the noise, and explaining far in advance what will happen on Bonfire Night, can help to reduce anxiety. Using sparklers at home can also be a positive experience, and help them to understand what fireworks are.

If you’re attending a fireworks display, packing soothing items like weighted vests or blankets, a favourite toy, and warm clothes can help to relax them. Parking far away may also be an option, as this will reduce the sound and keep your family away from busy crowds.

Fireworks at home
It’s important to take extra care when hosting your own firework display, especially if you have young children. Children watching fireworks should be supervised at all times, and do so from a safe distance.

Ensure only adults set up, light or dispose of any fireworks. Light fireworks
with a taper from an arm’s length away, and only one at a time.

Always keep naked flames and cigarettes a safe distance away.

If you’re using sparklers, make sure that everyone wears gloves and holds them at arms length. When you’re finished, pop it in a bucket of cold water.

Only buy fireworks which carry the CE mark and make sure to read and follow the instructions.

We hope you enjoy the fireworks and stay safe! For more safety tips, visit the RoSPA website >