‘’With the help of Shared Ownership, buying our new house was a walk in the park’’

19 Apr 2017

Living on the outskirts of Salisbury in a private rented property, Phil and Angie Morgan, and their nine year old son Alex, dreamed of owning their own home much closer to Salisbury City Centre. Thanks to Radian Shared Ownership their dream has now become a reality and they couldn’t be more excited about the future, living in their brand new 2 bedroom home.

A combination of wanting to move closer into Salisbury to be nearer to Alex’s school, and having dreams of owning their own home led Phil and Angie to start to browse the Rightmove website for options; and what they found was a very pleasant surprise. Finding the Radian Homes advertisement and learning about Shared Ownership made owning their own home possible for the Morgan family and they are now enjoying their new life. Shared Ownership allows purchasers to buy a share in a home; in Phil and Angie’s case, this was a 35% share of their home for £78,750 whilst paying a low-cost rent on the remaining un-purchased share. This means that mortgages and deposits will be based on the purchased share value, making his £225,000 home so much more affordable and possible.



“Thanks to the Shared Ownership scheme, we’ve found the perfect new home that we can afford”

With much more space than before, as well as all the modern added extras that come with new build properties, including separate heating controls for upstairs and downstairs, heated towel rail in the bathroom and vanity lights in the kitchen, the family have been impressed every step of the way. Phil was particularly touched by Radian’s welcome box which came in very handy. Angie loves having a separate kitchen as opposed to an open plan layout, and Alex is busy enjoying playing in his new bigger and better bedroom! Receiving the keys to their ideal home left Phil and Angie with a feeling of relief and happiness after years of renting. Describing themselves as very lucky, Phil explained how easy it was to find their property and how relieved they were as it was the last one left! They were very impressed with Radian Homes honest and helpful customer service as buying a home can be a big and daunting step. Phil described the process as “a walk in the park” thanks to Radian Homes and Halifax.

“Now we own our place, we can decorate and put pictures on the wall”

Having moved in October 2016, the Morgan family have spent the last few months enjoying decorating their new home just the way they want it. The little things, such as putting pictures on the wall, have made all the difference to building a home and putting their own stamp on things. With Summer approaching, Phil, Angie and Alex are looking forward to making the most of the fantastic walking area nearby to their home. The family are also excited about finally being able to entertain friends and family with long warm hazy days filled with BBQ’s, laughter and fun. Alex in particular is excited about the prospect of camping in the back garden!

“We weren’t comfortable inviting people to our old rental property. But now, bring on the summer and bbq season”

Phil commented that he wishes there were more people who knew about Shared Ownership properties in the Salisbury area so that they could benefit; just like his family.

“With only a few projects available, if you spot one and think it might be for you – go for it!”

Congratulations to the Morgans. We hope you have an amazing first summer in your new home, and many more to come.

If Shared Ownership sounds like the right option for you, please browse our available properties. You will need to be registered with Help to Buy South. For more information on Shared Ownership see our helpful guide. Our customer service advisors are available to help from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday via telephone number 0800 145 6663 or email sales@radian.co.uk.