“Without Shared Ownership I couldn’t have done it”

04 Jul 2016

Jennifer recently moved into her first home in Havant after coming across Shared Ownership on Facebook. Before this, Jennifer was living with her parents whilst saving to purchase or rent a property.

Shared Ownership allows purchasers to buy a share in a home, and then pay a low cost rent on the remaining un-purchased share. This means that mortgages and deposits will be based on the purchased share value meaning buying a home couldn’t be more affordable.


After finding the scheme on social media, Jennifer came across Radian Homes and found a home in an ideal location for her, “there are good transport links and it is close to work. I am close to my family and I have several pubs on my doorstep!”

Jennifer also found that the process was simple and she was kept well informed, “I engaged with the recommended mortgage adviser who was absolutely fantastic and he kept me in the loop throughout his part of the process”, she said.

Jennifer moved into a 1 bedroom flat in Havant and she was very impressed with the size, “The bedroom is very spacious! I have a built in wardrobe, and there is a large hallway with ample storage space in the cupboard”, she added, “the kitchen and lounge are open plan and again very spacious. It’s just what I need as a single professional”.

After getting the keys to her new home, Jennifer spent her first night cleaning, “not because it needed to be cleaned but because I wanted my own stamp. My best friend joined me and eventually at about 3am I sat on the sofa and took it all in”, she smiled, “I finally had a place I could call my own”.


“My new home has provided me with independence, freedom and the ability to lock the doors and enjoy my own space. I also enjoy inviting friends over and hosting”

Jennifer’s friends and family think that her new home is great “I had moved back home a few times so my parents are glad I have finally got my own space. Without Shared Ownership I couldn’t have done it” she explained.

Thanks to Shared Ownership, Jennifer was able to purchase her £135,000 home for the 45% share of £60,750. This meant that she only needed a deposit of £3100 to get onto the property ladder.

“I would absolutely recommend the scheme and already have done”.

It’s great to see that Jennifer has found her independence thanks to Shared Ownership. It really is that simple. If you’re looking to get onto the property ladder, visit Radian Homes to find out what we have available.