#MakeAMemory with us

23 Dec 2019

As we step into a new decade, it’s the ideal time to think about your goals for 2020. And where better to start than with your home? Whether you’re dreaming of a new home, or simply want to refresh where you’re already living, take a look at our list of our top ways to #MakeAMemory this New Year.

1 – Explore your local area

Whether it’s wellie walks in the woods or walking along the water’s edge at your closest beach, there’s always plenty of adventure right on your doorstep! Get the kids involved and plan your route. You could even make it a treasure hunt! Draw up a map, with landmarks to look out for. It’s great for both your physical and mental wellbeing, too.

2 – A fresh coat of paint

What better way to start off the year than a bit of redecorating? Bring some vibrance into your home by repainting, rearranging and decluttering. Think about your colour choices – green is a great colour for bedrooms as it’s such a calming colour. However more energetic shades, such as yellow, may be better for your kitchen.

If you are craving a new look in your home, or moving to a new home, it’s the perfect time of year. Most big-label brands will start lowering their prices after Christmas, so you can save on big purchases. You may also be able to ask for vouchers as Christmas presents from friends and family!

3 – Get creative

If you’re off over the Christmas period, it’s easy to run out of things to keep us busy. Why not have an arts and crafts day? Particularly if you have little ones, this is a great (but very messy) way to spend time together and create a keepsake. You could make pictures and sculptures for home or give them away as gifts.

4 – Have some people over

It’s easy to let time pass before you put a date in the diary to catch up with friends – especially this time of year, when we might not have as much spending money. Make an effort and invite everyone over to your place – it doesn’t have to be anything special. From hosting an indoor cinema to board game nights, there’s plenty you can do to spend some time with the people you love.

We’ll be sharing lots of other ways you can #MakeAMemory in 2020. But why not start with searching for a new home with us?