Seven money-saving activities to enjoy

26 Jul 2018

The Summer holidays have hit. Here’s how to make sure the kids have a great time without racking up a huge bill. Plus most of these can be done without even leaving your home…

Plan a pizza party

Pizza party. MasterChef competition. However you want to pitch it. Buy a few pizza bases, tomato paste and some tasty toppings and you’ve got an afternoon of fun right here. The kids will love this hand on approach to food. And you’ll love the fact they’re making their own dinner for a change.

Dodge the water balloons

Invest in some water balloons, a cheap sprinkler or some water guns – and leave the kids to their own devices. With their costumes on and the sun out, you’ll have the entertainment sorted for hours.

Start a scavenger hunt

Fun for a large group of children, and small families too. There are lots of ideas online, but you can just as easily make your own. From an alphabet hunt to colours and shapes, it doesn’t matter what they’re looking for, as long as there is a prize at the end.

Wash the car together

You might hate washing the car, but your kids don’t. Soapy water bubbles and a hose is a recipe for fun. Wand you’ll have a clean car at the end of it. Winner.

Have a go at geocoaching

An exciting outdoor adventure the whole family can enjoy. A hunt for the digital generation. Seek out the hidden goodies guided by an app on your phone. Find out more here.

Make your own ice-lollies

So you might need to pop to the shops to get the ingredients, but whipping up a batch of homemade ice-lollies a quick and entertaining Summer project for kids. The BBC has a great selection of recipes here, and a quick Google will throw up a load more.

Enjoy cheap cinema trips

For those days when the sun isn’t shining, or it’s becoming just too much, be sure to check out Mini Mornings at The Vue. Tickets start at just £2.49 and give you the chance to experience the latest films for less. More info here.

With all these ideas, it’s time to get your Summer started. Let us know what you’ve been up to on our Facebook page. Or head over to Twitter and post your pictures with the hashtag #RadianSummer.

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