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07 Sep 2020

Want to know more about Shared Ownership? Or what happens after you’ve purchased your new home? Well, we’ve got it covered, as we’ll be bringing you a series of four podcasts throughout September!

Episode one: Shared Ownership, explained

Tune in to our first podcast, where our friendly team will chat with Share to Buy about the Shared Ownership scheme and how it works.

Shared Ownership, explained

Episode two: After you’ve purchased with Radian Homes

Join us for our second podcast where our experienced Post Sales team will explain what happens after you’ve bought your Shared Ownership home.

After you’ve purchased with Radian Homes

Episode three: What is our ‘new normal’?

In this podcast, Radian Homes’ Associate Director of Sales and Marketing, and Director of New Homes at Zoopla, will be discussing what the future of the housing market looks like, and how COVID-19 has changed buying behaviours.

What is our ‘new normal’?

Episode four: Ask Radian Homes

Our final podcast will feature questions from you! We asked you to let us know what subjects you wanted us to cover, from Shared Ownership to buying new-build. In this episode, the Radian Sales team will be answering these questions with help from Capsticks Solicitors, and Torc24.

Ask Radian Homes

Happy listening!