Online adventures for the bank holiday

21 Apr 2020

The next bank holiday is just around the corner and it’s likely you won’t be spending it as planned. Why not create an itinerary of things to do and make the most of your time at home? We’ve put together a list of online activities that all the family will enjoy:

Take a virtual visit to the museum
Why not make your first online activity an educational one? The British Museum in London offers an exciting look over history and culture, going back two million years! If you fancy something further afield, check out The Broad Museum in Los Angeles. Here, you’ll get to experience the famous ‘Infinite Mirrored Room’, a breath-taking optical illusion.

There are plenty of tours to choose from, all over the world, so read the full list >

Keep fit
Lots of us have turned to baking to keep us busy, so if you’re looking to keep in shape why not start with one of the popular Joe Wicks (‘The Body Coach TV’) workouts? Available on most social media platforms, there are workouts suitable for all ages and abilities so you can get the whole family involved. View >

Watch a play
A visit to the theatre is often expensive and can involve a lot of travel. Well, good news! Both Broadway and the West End are offering selected plays online. From Oklahoma! to Shakespeare, there’s a huge choice of plays to enjoy.

Get creative in the kitchen
Whether you’re after inspiration for some sweet treats, or you’re craving something different for dinner, lots of celebrity chefs are releasing videos to help. Jamie Oliver’s new ‘Keep Cooking & Carry On’ series on YouTube has recipes to suit every mood – from chocolate cake to soup and bread. You’ll be a whizz in the kitchen in no time.

Host a quiz for your friends and family
Platforms such as Zoom are a great way to stay connected with your loved ones, even if they don’t have social media. You can set up multi-way calls so everyone can get involved, or you could even throw a game into the mix.

If you’re hosting a quiz, why not get the kids involved and ask them to choose a subject, or even write their own questions? If it’s a parents-only game, then why not make it in the style of a pub quiz? There won’t be any prizes for the winning team, but it sure is a lot of fun!