Sparkling safely

01 Nov 2018

It’s not long to go until Bonfire Night, so look out for fireworks displays in your local area. Fun fact: fireworks were actually invented by Chinese scientists. The early form of gunpowder was stuffed into bamboo shoots, and the loud bangs were thought to scare away evil spirits.

Whether you’re chasing away evil spirits, attending a celebration, or just using a few sparklers in your back garden, it’s important to stay safe. Here are some top tips for how you can keep your family safe this November 5th.

  1. Make sure that you only buy legal fireworks – these will always have BS 7114 written on the box, meaning that they conform to British Standards.
  2. Never keep fireworks in your pocket – they can reach speeds up to 150mph!
  3. Did you know that sparklers get hot enough to melt gold? So make sure that you don’t give sparklers to children under five years old.
  4. When using sparklers, ensure you are wearing gloves, and hold the sparkler at arms length.
  5. Always keep a bucket of water nearby. Place finished sparklers into cold water.
  6. Make sure all long hair is tied up.
  7. Read and follow the instructions on each firework.
  8. Never relight a firework, even if it didn’t go off the first time.
  9. Never throw a firework, including sparklers.
  10. After the famous “Gunpowder Plot”, Parliament is still checked for explosives once every year. It is now illegal to set off fireworks in public places.

Looking after your pet

Fireworks can cause animals to become very distressed, so remember to look after them too on Bonfire Night.

  1. Take your dog for a walk, let them have a toilet break and give them some food before the fireworks start.
  2. For indoor pets, close all curtains, windows and doors to muffle the sound. You could also put on some music and provide hiding places around your home.
  3. For outdoor pets, cover any cages and pens with breathable blankets. You could also move their enclosure to a garage or shed.
  4. Don’t leave your pets alone during a fireworks display. Instead, distract them with games and toys.
  5. Keep all pets inside when there are fireworks going off.
  6. Make sure your garden is secure, as frightened pets may try to escape.

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Remember, on Bonfire Night, you can set off fireworks until midnight. If you are hosting a fireworks display on any other evening, the cut off is 11pm.