We can’t believe how little our deposit was and how low our monthly payment is – thank you Shared Ownership!

23 Jul 2018

After a few years of privately renting, Rachel and her husband, both 28, were looking for a change. They knew they wanted to buy a home, but buying on the open market seemed impossible. However finding out about the Shared Ownership scheme completely changed this…

Having discovered the Shared Ownership scheme during a quick Google search, Rachel and Ashton immediately knew they wanted to find out more. The low value deposit required and the fact that the scheme was available on new build homes was a big draw. What’s more, when they discovered Shared Ownership homes were available at the Fen Meadow development in Nursling, a few miles from work, Rachel knew it was meant to be.

It was an exciting time for the couple – from their initial enquiry with Radian Homes right through to moving in day – everything seemed to go smoothly! “The house itself was built really quickly. We didn’t have to view our house as a building site. When we first saw it, it was 90% complete”. Rachel added “Although the completion date was pushed back five weeks, it didn’t really bother us – we were just so excited to move in.”

As a reminder, the benefit of the Shared Ownership scheme is that you only need a deposit and mortgage to cover the percentage of the share you’re buying. This meant that Rachel and her husband were able to purchase a 40% share for £100,000 with just a £5,000 deposit.

What does Rachel love most about her new home? “It feels like the house is huge! The carpets are beautiful and fluffy, and the house looks lovely inside. Plus, there’s so much light – it creates a wonderful atmosphere. Even better, our step-daughter Kayla lives close-by. It’s just perfect for us.”

So, while buying a home for many may seem out of reach, it really isn’t. But as Rachel says “I don’t think this would have been possible without the Shared Ownership scheme. Thank you!”

Ready to buy a new home?

We hoped you would be. To explore the Shared Ownership homes in your area, simply click here. Alternatively, for more information on how the Shared Ownership scheme can work for you, please get in touch with the Radian Homes team. You can call them on 0800 145 6663 or email salesandlettings@radian.co.uk 

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