“We found out that Shared Ownership was the answer we’d been looking for’’

04 Sep 2017

Henry & Tinika had been renting a room in a friend’s home in Haslemere, Surrey and trying to save money to buy a home in the future. They both knew they would like to take their next steps to find a new home together as soon as possible. Henry told us ‘’We thought that owning our home would be the best thing for us’’

At first Henry and Tinika thought that renting was their only feasible option at the moment, unaware that they qualified for the scheme, but thanks to seeing an advertisement for the Shared Ownership properties at Silent Garden in Liphook, they went and investigated further, only to find out that they qualified to buy a new home with the Shared Ownership scheme and their renting days were soon going to be over.

Henry grew up in Liphook so had a fondness for the area, and his parents still live there now. The couple both have jobs in Godalming and Silent Garden seemed a great place to commute from and make their ideal first home. Henry explained “Liphook has a lot to offer, it’s lovely and quiet but there’s still lots going on locally for us to enjoy too!’’

Thanks to the Shared Ownership scheme Henry and Tinika have been able to purchase a 40% share in their new two bedroom apartment for £100,000 whilst paying a low cost rent on the remaining unpurchased share. This means that the deposit and mortgage payments were based on the purchased share value, making their £250,000 home a reality rather than a dream. This is something the couple are so happy about as it leaves them with some money to enjoy their other hobbies and interests each month, these range from amateur photography to taking trips to the local theatre!

Henry and Tinika are pleased to have found a home with two bedrooms, offering lots of space and beautiful views out to the communal garden. Not only this, the property is energy efficient and the couple have been very pleasantly surprised about the low energy bills that they’ve received. Tinika told us “‘The room sizes are just perfect for us!”

When they picked up their keys and realised they were alone in their new home, Henry and Tinika told us they were so very excited and remember jumping in the air with excitement knowing that they were about to spend their first night in their new home. They remarked “We were so happy to sit and eat dinner on our own sofa in front of our TV after having to share a house for over 12 months”

The couple have also told all of their friends about Shared Ownership as they believe it really does help first time buyers to make the jump and be able to buy their own home and in more expensive areas of the country, such as Liphook, only having to raise a 5% deposit to be able to buy a home is a massive help. Tinika told us “If it wasn’t for Radian and the Shared Ownership scheme we would still be living in a small bedroom!”

Congratulations to Henry and Tinika. Radian Homes hope you have an amazing first autumn in your new apartment and continue to feel at home for many years to come.

If Shared Ownership sounds like the right option for you, please browse our available properties. You will need to be registered with Help to Buy South. For more information on Shared Ownership see our helpful guide. Our customer service advisors are available to help from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday via telephone number 0800 145 6663 or email sales@radian.co.uk.